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Lustrous Pearls

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What are Pearls?

A Pearl is a type of Gemstone which is described as a hard-glistening object that is produced within the soft tissue of an Oyster or a shelled Mollusc.

Just like the shell of a Mollusc, a pearl is hard and has a smooth stone like feel, which has been deposited in concentric layers.

Pearls come in different shapes, the “perfect” Pearl has a smooth round shape while others have an irregular shape which are known as a Baroque Pearl.

Natural Freshwater Pearls are more highly valued and that’s when they are considered as Gemstones, as they symbolize Purity and Beauty which makes it a feminine feature to wear.

Types of Pearls

There are many types of Pearls, but the most commonly known ones are Natural and Cultured.

The difference between these two are that Natural Pearls are the most valuable ones are they spontaneously occur in the wild and are extremely rare.

Cultured Pearls come from the Pearl Oysters and Freshwater Mussels and these are the ones that are commonly sold everywhere.

Man-made Pearls are also very common and inexpensive as their quality of their Pearlescence is quite poor and less lustrous.

How is a Pearl formed?

The process of a Natural Pearl begins when a foreign substance, like an insect or even a grain of sand slips into an Oyster. As this is like a bacteria substance to the Oyster, the Oyster then begins to form a barrier around that foreign object and will protect itself by keep layering it with a nacre substance that is used to create the shell of the Pearl. This then will eventually stop then form a Natural Freshwater Pearl.

The Cultured Pearls are created by in the same process as Natural Freshwater Pearls, however Cultured Pearls are produced when the foreign object is inserted by harvesters. So, what they do is they will open the Oyster Shell and cut a slit in the Mantle (soft tissue) in the Oyster and then insert small irritants, although inserting irritants doesn’t need to be done as cutting the Mantle will trigger the process to create a Cultured Pearl.

What are they used for?

Pearls have been used for many things. Most commonly they are used to create jewellery. They have been crushed down to be used in medication and have also been used to decorate clothing for the rich.

At Ishaq Gems, we use Freshwater and Cultured Pearls to create our lovely jewellery sets.

We only use the finest quality materials.