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The Diamond Gemstone is the strongest and hardest stone and the word Diamond comes from the Ancient Greek word “Adámas” which means unbreakable force.

What the Diamond Gemstone represents:

Diamond represents faithfulness, purity and truth and they are known to be strong symbol of universal sovereignty.

When a marriage takes place, diamond rings are used as they symbolize love, devotion and sincerity.

In the Chakra world, it is helpful to the wear as it clears away all uncertainty and help the wearer reach their true potential. It helps to enhance power and success and helps to improve the self-esteem.

French History:

During the period 1214 – 1270 when King Louis IV of France was on the throne he had forbade all women to wear diamonds and proclaimed that of any women is worthy enough to wear diamonds that would be the Virgin Mary.

It was not common for women to wear diamonds and during this time only men wore them. The men that wore diamonds as they symbolized invincibility and bravery.

After about two centuries, women then started to wear diamonds.

The authenticity of your diamond:

To know if your diamond is real there are a couple of home tests you can do.
One simple way to test your diamonds authenticity is to use a jewellery tester, which is a small device that’s not too expensive and all you do is follow the instructions that comes with it.
Another way to test your diamond, it to heat it until its hot, then drop the diamond in a bowl of water, if it cracks then you know it is not real.