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Resin Jewellery

By 05/04/2019No Comments

ISHAQ GEMS have recently started a new project. Our new Resin Jewellery Range is purely handmade.

So what is Resin?

Resin is a chemical compound that is used widely for many things; a few examples are furniture, surfacing options for driveways and jewellery. There are two types of Resin used to create unique Jewellery.

Types of Resin

There are many types of Resin for multiple things, Epoxy Resin and UV Resin are most commonly used for Jewellery Making.

1: Epoxy Resin is used in parts, where you would have to measure the materials to create a type of glue solution. This type of Resin is hardened over time, giving itself a gloss finish.

2: The other is easier to use which is called UV Resin, this type of Resin is ready to use but hardens under UV and Sunlight, and this type of Resin also has a gloss finish.

The end result of the Jewellery piece turns out to be a plastic type of material.

The fun thing about Resin Jewellery is that each Jewellery piece is unique and can be customised however you like.

Have a look at our Resin Jewellery Range; all of these pieces have been handmade.