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The beauty of Emerald is so attractive that it’s known to represent hope and positive thoughts of the future and it’s called the “Stone of Successful Love”.

The colour of Emerald varies from yellow-green to dark tone green – the latter being the most finest and pure form. Thus, this Gemstone is one of the most precious gemstones that people value so much, the others being Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire.

Not a lot of people know this but this precious stone is one of the softest gems as it has a variety of beryl in it, so it can easy break, crack or even become tarnished.

Where does the Emerald come from?

These natural beautiful stones are found in mines and the ground of the earth, once extracted, cut and polished they are made into fine jewellery. The highest quality and flawless stones are seldom found and for the reason they are very expensive.

In ancient times, these stones came from the mines of Egypt and they are still worked till this day, but unfortunately only a small quantity of the precious stones are found.

The most finest emerald stones are mostly extracted from the mines near Bogota, in Colombia. There are also emerald deposits in the Ural Mountains of Russia and in the Salzburg Alps. A few fine emeralds have been found in North Carolina. And more recent discoveries of emeralds have been made in the Transvaal in South Africa.

A Gift for Her… 

A thoughtful gift to give because just like many other precious gemstones, this one is valued so much when it comes as a jewellery piece.

It’s not necessary to buy a natural Emerald stone even a lab created one looks just as beautiful.