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At ISHAQ GEMS, We are committed to preserve and protect Our Customers information, details and privacy with the utmost care and security as We fully understand that this is very important to You.

Please read the below and familiarize yourself with this information to understand how We use and protect the information that You provide Us.

The Data Protection Act 1998

Our website complies with the principle and regulations of the Data Protection Act 1998.

When You contact Us, register an account with Us on Our website, all the information you provide Us, this including Your name and address and Your contact information allows us to process your request and/or orders.

All information is collected using Cookies and the collected information is stored in Our database.

We use your information for the following:

  • Supply and manage the service We have agreed on as per the Terms and Conditions
  • Build a better understanding of Our customer base to help provide better products and services
  • To allow Us to send You promotional offers and newsletters

Please note that We will never disclose Your personal details or information to any third-party companies and is strictly used between Us and You.

We do not release any information to companies that are looking to collect data for marketing purposes.

We do monitor all customer traffic on a daily basis to by using cookies and code, which is embedded, in the Website. This provides Us a statistical data analysis of any on-going activity, the duration of any pages viewed, paths taken by visitors through the Website, data on visitors screen settings and other general information. This information is strictly used to help improve our services.

Also, Cookies are small information that will store your details on Your computer, for example Cookies can save Your log in details for an account to help you log in quicker the next time access a website.

You can clear these Cookies, so Your information is not stored automatically on your device, this can be done by going into your Internet Browser Settings.