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We would like to give You a warm welcome to Our Ishaq Gems website.

General Information

Please read the information provided on this page and understand that by continuing to use this website You accept the Terms and Conditions for the use of this website.

If for whatever reason You do not accept these Terms and Conditions, You must not further use this website.

Please Note: We have the right to update Our website, services or Terms and Conditions without notice to You.

We also recommend that You read Our Privacy Policy which will give You all the information about Data Protection and how We use the information You give Us.

The purpose of this website is for users in the United Kingdom to browse or/and to purchase Our items and provides offers and sales.


In these Terms and Conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

  • “Us” meaning us as Ishaq Gems Limited
  • “We”meaning we as Ishaq Gems Limited
  • “Our” meaning something that belongs to Us
  • “You” / “You’re” / “You are” meaning yourself the consumer/person visiting the website
  • “Yours” meaning something that belongs to you/the right of having.

Ishaq Gems Limited is a registered company (Company Registration number 11026686). Ishaq Gems is a trading name of Ishaq Gems Limited.

Registered address: 85 Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom, W1W 7LT.

Use of this website

You shall not use this website in any way that will damage Us and You are liable for the protection of Your own computer.

It is Your responsibility to provide suitable protection for Your device for whenYou’re accessing Our website.

We will not be, nor are We liable to You or anyone else for any loss or damage that occurs because of using Our website.

We always ensure that the website is available always, however if an issue has occurred We will inform You through Our respective social media posts and rectify the issue as soon as possible.


The prices quoted on this website are stated in UK Sterling – Great British Pounds, and are inclusive of VAT.

What You see displayed on Our website is what You will pay if or when You go ahead to place an order.

Our Price is the current selling price on the website, We will display a Sale price when We have offers available.

Terms of Sale

By placing an order on this website, You are accepting and offering to make a payment on a product subject to the following terms and conditions.

Our Contract

Once an order has been placed the following steps will take place for Our Contract to be formed between Us and You.

After You have placed an order:

  • We will send You a confirmation email as soon as possible, to show We have acknowledged Your order. The email will confirm what item You have ordered.
  • We will then start to process Your order once We have received payment and start preparing to pack it.
  • We will then dispatch Your order from our distribution centre using Royal Mail 1st Class and again We will send you an email to confirm that.
  • This means We formally accept the order, and are obliged to complete the contract.

Please be aware that We aim to send you a notification email of every order that has been placed which We receive from You.

You will understand that we cannot guarantee that the notification email We send will be received by You, nor that, if it is received by You, it will be legible and uncorrupted.

For Your acknowledgement, We do not have to accept your order, if the following applies:

  • We do not have the item in stock
  • Your payment has not been authorised/processed successfully
  • There is an error on the product listing on the website

We also reserve the right to refuse any order which has been placed on this website.

Method of Payment

There are options during checkout for You to pay via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card.

Upon receiving Your order, We will carry out a standard pre-authorisation check on your choice of card to ensure there are sufficient funds for the transaction to be complete.

Your order will not be dispatched until this pre-authorisation check has gone through successfully.

Your choice of card will be debited once the order has been accepted.

Refund Policy

You are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase providing the item is returned undamaged and is in its original packaging.

For Us to process Your refund, You will need to contact Us on info@ishaqgems.co.uk and We will send You a confirmation email.

We will only accept Your return if You have followed the above guidelines.

Links within Our website

We have links on Our website that go to other websites which may be of interest to You, however we must make You aware that these websites are not under Our control and We do not accept any damage or loss caused to Your device that You’re using to access them.

Termination of Our Website or/and its Services

We reserve the right to terminate Our website or remove any of the services on it with immediate effect at any time. However, We will be updating any news of this on Our respective social media posts.

Customer Note:

For any reason, You have not fully understood Our Terms and Conditions or You would like to know more information about Our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact Us on info@ishaqgems.co.uk and one of Our helpful Customer Advisors will be happy to help.